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Remove the first bandage eighteen to twenty four hours or per the artist instructions. Wash well with liquid antibacterial soap and warm water. Let air dry twenty to forty minutes, or until you're positive the tattoo is dry (no plasma discharge). Rebandage the tattoo with bandage/recovery film provided by the studio per your artists verbal instructions. (small tattoos will not be given a second bandage)

Leave second bandage on for three to seven days (per artists verbal instructions). Remove in shower preferably (hot water will loosen the adhesive) pealing away from the tattoo, top down.

Once the second bandage is removed your tattoo will be 75 - 95% healed but you still want to wash twice daily and use either fragrance free hand lotion or preferably, Griffin Salve, (which we carry at the studio) three to five times a day in very light coats. Do this until fully healed. Typically ten to fourteen days.

Please keep an eye on your tattoo, you are your first line of defense. It is an open wound, especial;ly for the first seventy-two hours and should be treated as such. Under NO circumstances should you enter any body of water, natural or chemically treated.

-No submerging the tattoo

-No extensive sun exposure

-No unapproved ointments

A small number of people have a minor reaction to the adhesives in the bandages we use, if this occurs, remove the bandage, wash thoroughly, let air out and skip to the end of the aftercare instruction.

We guarantee our work for a year and touch-ups, if needed are on the house. This is only if they are actually needed, and you've followed our aftercare instructions. If you're making changes or in the event that your tattoo requires a second pass (ex:portraits) this is not considered a touch-up but an addition and is not covered under our policy.

 If you have any questions please email: 

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